At FirstBank of Nebraska, we understand that life is busy and monitoring account balances may not be your top priority. We offer several Overdraft Prevention options to help you protect your account from becoming overdrawn. Our goal is to help you avoid paying overdraft fees for insufficient funds or the embarrassment of having your debit card declined. Overdraft Prevention allows your checking account to automatically draw funds from another account in overdraft situations. Protect yourself, your business and your credit score by setting-up one of the following options in advance. Contact us today!
Overdraft Prevention Line of Credit

With this option, potential overdrafts on your checking account are automatically covered with funds drawn against your line of credit account. Much like a typical loan, an Overdraft Prevention Line of Credit requires credit approval, interest rates accrue on balances, and payments must be made in accordance with loan terms. For customers who need access to extra funds for a short period of time, it is a positive alternative to paying overdraft fees.

Note: Unlimited number of monthly transactions. A minimum transfer amount may apply, depending on type of account. Subject to credit approval. Interest rates and loan terms vary.

Auto-transfer from Savings or Money Market

When using an auto-transfer for overdraft situations, we simply connect your savings or money market account with your checking account. If you write a check or request a debit card transaction that causes an overdraft, FirstBank will take money from the savings or money market account you have chosen and use it to cover the difference.

Note: Limit of up to six transactions per month.

Auto-transfer from Checking

If you have more than one checking account, this option may suit you well. Your primary checking account can be linked to a secondary checking account for overdraft situations. When your account balance in the primary account reaches zero, FirstBank automatically transfers money from your secondary account to cover funds as you initiate transactions via debit card or check.

Note: Unlimited number of monthly transactions.